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Website migration

If you’re unhappy with the level of service you are receiving from your current web hosting company and want to change over to a more reliable service, we can certainly help you achieve this at a very competitive price. Having to put up with below average performance is a thing of the past.

US$ 400*

Basic package to migrate an HTML and PHP websites to another host. This includes migration of content, layout and email accounts.

We can ofcourse handle more complex migrations that involve e-commerce, CRM and ERP.

* price subject to the size of the website


Email automation

If you don’t have secure email automation services that work well on all your devices and you want this changed, our reliable cloud hosted email solutions will help you secure your communications at a very competitive price. You can rest assured of that your emails are handled in the best possible way.

US$ 500*

Basic package to migrate your email accounts to a fully automated, synchronized and most reliable email service platform using the Exchange protocol. This includes email configuration and deployment.

* price subject to the number of email accounts